The purpose that drives the "i AM WOMAN" program is a desire to educate as many people as possible towards the road of restored health and overall wellbeing. Too many people are confused and unsure about how to regain or begin a healthy lifestyle. "i AM WOMAN" is a literal "How To" for just that.  Many people have a desire but simply don't have the know how. "i AM WOMAN" can provide you just that; the know how. You now have a resource that you can come to repeatedly to give yourself the tools that you need to be well, feel well and look well too. 

It's time to allow "i AM WOMAN" to help you discover your health and beauty from the inside out.

By this point you may have some questions. I'm in hopes that I can answer some now.  Take a look through the FAQ and see if I've hit the nail on the head about what you were thinking about.


My hope is that I can answer most if not all of your questions. If not, please feel free to send me an email and I will reply to you in a timely manner. Please know that my goal is to help you take your health in to your hands and encourage you to become an advocate for YOU. My road towards health has been a journey that has changed my life; from the inside out. I have walked the road of sickness and now am on the highway to health. I hope that I will encourage you as you begin to navigate your way to ultimate health and the ultimate you!

What is “i AM WOMAN”; really?

“i AM WOMAN” is about introducing you to what it takes to really care for you. Spotlighting on what I believe are the 7 most vital needs for life, vitality and existence. Air, water, food, exercise sunlight, rest and relationships. I go into great detail to help you understand not only who you are but what you are as well. There is much to be said about these 7 areas of health. We will go beyond the supermarket and gym, which is where most emphasis is placed towards health. You have yet to discover that there is much more to health than these two elements. Check out the program

How do I get started?

You already have. Just by viewing the website you have placed yourself on a road that could change your life; forever. Make a note of the site and all that I have to offer. You will get free stuff, tons of resources, tools and lots of encouragement to get you started and keep you on the road towards discovering your health and beauty from the inside out. Also, be sure to follow along on our social media sites and get on our mailing list. Through these you will receive weekly blogs, recipes, inspirationals, health tips towards your overall health as well as featured articles written for two amazing magazines.

The ultimate is getting the “i AM WOMAN” package. Providing you step by step instruction, education and how to’s towards your overall health and wellbeing. You will now prescribe to yourself the knowledge that will lead you towards making honest and healthy lifestyle choices; for YOU. Get it now...

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Can I pick your brain?

“i AM WOMAN” was created with this very question in mind. After years of telling people my story and encouraging individuals towards health I felt like I needed to get this information to a larger audience; you. My program was designed with you in mind. I cannot come to live with you (which was my initial thought) and hold your hand through the process of change but my program can. It will take you through the steps of making those emotional, physical and even spiritual changes that need to take place to get you from zero to hero. The best thing is that you can view, listen and read the video’s, mp3 and workbook over and over again. If you’re anything like me you’ll definitely need to revisit the information. I’ll teach you how to juice, create a physical activities program, prepare your nutrient intake and more. All of this as you breathe easy (I teach this too).

Do you host Detox or Fitness Retreats?

I’m glad you asked. Check out our affiliate website for the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in a program that will best suit you.

Interested in having “i AM WOMAN” come to you?

We’d love to bring 'i Am Woman" to your business, club, church, school or special event. Whatever the venue, we provide a customized program that will meet the needs of your current sphere of influence. Let's begin a dialogue so that we know how we may best serve you. We want to help you and those you care about discover health and beauty from the inside out. Send us an email at:


Has the thought ever occured to you that there are many ways to keep you encouraged towards continued health. One of those ways is to gather as many people around you that are like minded in your quest towards overall health and well being.

If you have the gumpsion to host an event of humungous magnitute (why not think BIG) then we'd love to be a part of this monumentous occassion. We can create a program that will be perfect for you. Because there is so much to do discovered about our health and beauty; the sky is the limit.

Let's begin a dialogue to see if "i AM WOMAN" can meet your needs.  Send an email and let's discuss these endless possibilities.


Detox retreats


If health and fitness are what you want or need, then a Juiced for Life program is for you.  Now is the right time for you to discover your health from the inside out.  You will participate in exciting work out’s (where we really work it out), deliciously prepared “RAW” healthy foods, education and training as you learn how to care for your number asset; YOU!

Join us here in tropical Krabi, Thailand.  Your home away from home will find your accommodations amidst limestone mountains and nestled next to the Andaman Sea.  Our programs are designed from those whom want an exhilarating fitness holiday to those who are serious about making a lifestyle change and need a kick start in that direction.  Here’s your opportunity to experience detoxification and rejuvenation like never before in amazing Thailand; the “Land of Smiles”.

Each and every program is ALL INCLUSIVE;  airport transfers, accommodation, food, fitness programs, consultation, juice blends, massage, educational instruction and materials.


International Tel (America):  916 222 4275

Thailand Tel: +66 80 770 5734